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Breakthrough Dividend: Appendix F - Abbreviations

Breakthrough Dividend:
Appendix F - Abbreviations

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ARO Israel Agricultural Research Organization
BARD U.S.-Israel Agricultural Research & Development Fund
BGU Ben-Gurion University
BIRD U.S.-Israel Industrial Research & Development Foundation
BSF U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation
DNA Deoxyribonucleic Acid
ELISA Enzyme-linked Immunosorbant Assay
FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration
GCP FDA Good Clinical Practices Regulations
GNP Gross National Product
HU Hebrew University of Jerusalem
IHE Institutions of Higher Education
MATIMOP Israel Industry Center for R&D (Hebrew)
MERC AID's Middle-East Regional Cooperation Program
MIT Israel Ministry of Industry and Trade
MOH Israel Ministry of Health
MOSA Israel Ministry of Science and the Arts
NCB Israel National Committee for Biotechnology
NSCB Israel National Steering Committee for Biotechnology
OCS Office of the Chief Scientist
PTC Plant Tissue Culture
RA Research Authority
R&D Research and Development
RNA Ribonucleic Acid
RTP Research Triangle Park, N.C.
S&T Science and Technology
TAU Tel Aviv University
USISTC U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Commission
VATAT Planning and Grants Committee of the Israel Council on Higher Education (Hebrew)
WGB The USISTC's Working Group on Biotechnology
YISSUM Hebrew University's Commercialization Unit