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Holocaust Quiz

How Much Do You Know About the Holocaust?

1. The Holocaust refers to:

The Nazi effort to exterminate the Jews
Any genocide
The Armenian massacre
World War II

2. The Evian Conference discussed:

Water shortages in World War II
Jewish refugees
French food
The "Final Solution"

3. The Wannsee Conference discussed:

The postwar division of Berlin
Hitler's plan to invade the Soviet Union
Developing an atomic bomb
The "Final Solution"

4. Adolf Hitler was:


5. How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust?

Approximately 500,000
Approximately 1 million
Approximately 6 million
Approximately 10 million

6. Auschwitz is located in which country?


7. Which of these women saved Jews during the Holocaust?

Emilie Schindler
Yukiko Sugihara
Irena Sendler
All of the above

8. Adolf Hitler:

Was tried as a war criminal
Committed suicide
Was assassinated
None of the above

9. Which Arab leader collaborated with Hitler?

Gamal Abdel Nasser
Hafez Assad
King Abdullah
The Mufti of Jerusalem

10. The Nazis forced homosexuals in concentration camps to wear:

Funny hats
Pink triangles
Stars of David

11. The Nazis came to power:

Through the Beer Hall Putsch
In a coup
In a democratic election
By presidential appointment

12. Who was the leader of the Catholic Church during World War II?

Pope John Paul II
Pope Francis
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Pius XII

13. Which of these were extermination camps?

All of the above

14. The T4 Program was:

A Nazi euthanasia program to kill the elderly and disabled
A program to develop a new Nazi tank
The Nazi program to build an atomic bomb
None of the above

15. The Holocaust is also referred to as:

The Shoah
The Great Genocide
The Massacre of the Jews


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